toki pona

toki pona is a minimalist philisophical art language created by Sonja Lang. it only has about 200 words. i'm a beginner at toki pona, but i love it very much. this page will serve as my toki pona practice blog! expect frequent mistakes.

toki pona li pona tawa mi a!

to learn more about toki pona, check out:

  • the official site

  • /////////////////// 3.31.2024
    tenpo ni la mi moku e telo nasa. tenpo ni la ona li pona a! tenpo ante la ni li ken e pona ala. jan pona mi li tawa e ni ala. ona li ike.

    /////////////////// 3.29.2024
    tenpo ni la jan pona mi li pilin ike. jan pona mi li jo e soweli. ona li jo e nimi "Rosie". tenpo kama la jan pona mi li jo ala e soweli. :( pakala a! ni li pona ala.