today i got into a fight with my mom, which wasn't a fight at all. its funny how we can read infinite meanings to words, layer context until they're bulging with dead weight.
my sister rails against palestine. this doesn't mean much, because i never agree with her.
the desert is blank and full, visually flat but up close throbbing with snakeholes and bushes and joshua trees and old cans and bullet casings and scrap metal and agave and little gray quail. my best friend is getting text messages. the text messages are cruel in what they don't say. context.
the desert is cruel until you get to know her. then you realize she's a god just like everything else, and she takes lives because she's brutal and endless and expansive and beautiful, and she wants us to remember that we're small.

November 14th, 2023

I finished all the main pages of this website so far and, because I was learning HTML and CSS from the ground up, my skills got a lot better and now I want to completely redo it with a brand new cool theme. So that's a bit of an issue. On another note I'm about to be back at work.

November 6th, 2023

I'm back and trying to get the website off the ground. I've been playing around with code and hypertext fiction lately: ideally this website will become a portfolio to show my work off. Progress is slow but steady. The word is heavy lately-- autumn hit hard, slicing off all my baby fat.

August 4th, 2023

I'm overwhelmed by the state of the world.
On and on it goes. I had COVID for two weeks and got depressed, isolated, miserable. I recovered and back I went to the meat grinder of the theater and resturant industries. It felt like walking outside after spending hours in a dark room— everything's loud, blinding, bright. Don't ask if I'm in my right mind; you already know the answer.

I love the world very much but it's hard to face sometimes. This website is a light. Developing it and working on my code has been an outlet for creativity and a chance to learn and challenge myself. I've only been learning code for about three weeks now.