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the UBP, commonly known as "the toad", is a strange, biological structure hidden underwater approximately 438 ft east of what used to be the Chicago midline. it is roughly 60 ft tall and 90 ft wide at the thickest. its root structures are unknown.

/// mouth

the "mouth" of the toad, first observed by [[]]"xx", is a structure resembling a pitcher plant. it is located off-center 40 ft to the southwest of the toad's main structure. the tadpoles enter this mouth periodically, ^depositing any trapped victims inside. expeditions into the mouth found inaccesible walls stickier than any known glue. to escape, many expedition members had to remove clothing or, on more than one occasion, a limb.

/// eyes

the eyes are theorized to be sensing organs. they are strange stalk-like protrubances that stick out of the upper surface of the toad anywhere from 8 to 40 ft in length. unlike the mouth, the eyes are prehensile and will move to "follow" threats or possible prey. they do not appear to have any visible pupil or recognizable eye structures and thus their exact method of sensing is unknown. There are five identified. in comparison to the rest of the toad, the eyes are smaller, only a few inches in diameter. In [[]] xxxx an eye was removed by scientists. They found that, when unattached, it started to grow at an alarming rate. Some theorized it would have become a new tadpole.

/// tadpoles

the tadpoles are external structures that move independently from the toad. their actual nature as a biological organism is hotly debated, but they are capable of tracking, hunting, and trapping prey, as well as defending the main body when it is attacked. When not in use they retreat to the mouth. NOTE:: The theory that the tadpoles are secondary to the main structure is called [[Syclla Theory. ]]

- **blowholes:** a recessed point in the top of the tadpole with an inclined "ramp" leading down to the entrance: survivor xx's testimony provides evidence that victims are trapped in a space inside the tadpole upon entry.

- **internal structure:** survivor xx stated that several victims were "trapped inside... a translucent green space filled with liquid." he initially described the victims as "melting", but later rescinded this part of his testimony when called on in court, saying "the liquid stuck them to the sides (of the tadpole), and blurred the edges of their bodies. it was impossible to tell where (the victims) ended and the thing began..." to deposit victims, the tadpole will invert its structure and "sweat", releasing the glue.

- **tail/tongue**: a noticable taper in the body of the tadpole. the tail, like the rest of the tadpole, is fully prehensile and can be wrapped around victims to deposit them in the mouth or blowhole, leading to the secondary "tongue" nickname. It is capable of fracturing into several appendages.

- **head**: a noticable thicker part of the body. despite the name, the tadpoles do not lead with the thickest portion of their body, but travel in any direction at will with seemingly no sense organs.

- **mouth**: an open hole in the thicker end of the tadpole that victims are deposited into. The mouth is larger than the blowhole and has a scooplike protrusion that allows it to "shovel" enemies.

/// coremata

approximately one year into the toad's appearance, doctors began noticing mutations in corpses both human and animal nearby the structure. beginning first at black lumps, then raised boils, then finally growing into massive genitallike fleshy growths, the coremata emerged to their full structure in roughly four month's time after their initial appearance. Around this time, babies began to be born with coremata structures. These children, nicknamed the (), were often murdered by their parents or neighbors, and several more committed suicide. Although its never been confirmed, there are rumors of government culling on the coremata children.


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